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Biseng basurera! DSWD’s Lorraine Badoy insults Robredo for picking second-hand items for Aika’s Harvard flat


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Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Assistant Secretary Lorraine Marie Badoy has called Vice President Leni Robredo a “basurera” (female garbage collector) for helping her eldest daughter, Aika, rummage through her neighborhood at Boston, Massachusetts for second-hand furniture she could put in her apartment.

Badoy, a medical doctor, tried to show she was better than Robredo by saying she always put her best foot forward when she attends conferences abroad. She said she does it not only for herself but for the country.

“So to hear the Vice President of this Land blithely say she picks on the garbage of Americans—colonial masters of recent times– pains me to my deepest, darkest depths,” Badoy said in a Facebook post dated June 28.

“It is such a striking metaphor for what our country has been to America–garbage–and such a striking metaphor to what I think our Vice President has become: Uncle Sam’s garbage collector,” she added.

Badoy, a supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte, slammed Robredo for “disgracing the Office of the Vice President” by scouring for hand-me-downs thrown out by Americans for Aika, who will be studying at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government as an Edward S. Mason fellow.

Robredo shared on social media that she flew to Boston earlier this month after a speaking engagement in Los Angeles, California to help Aika clean and fix her flat.

“Duterte errs on the side of Sovereignty (‘Fuck you, America.’) while Leni errs on the side of Servitude. (‘Kleng, kleng, basura kayo jannnn!),” Badoy said.

She added that Robredo’s actions makes her “burn in shame” because it was supposedly beneath what was expected of a Vice President.

Badoy even compared Robredo’s resourcefulness to someone dressed to the nines in New York who was suddenly asked to collect “kanin baboy” (food for pigs).

“From New York to kanin baboy in 2 seconds flat. That’s what this shameful VP just did to us here,” she said.

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