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Bongbong Marcos’ advice to heartbroken Pinoys: Lick your wounds and move on

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Is former Senator Bongbong Marcos the new Dr. Love?

Marcos recently dished out some love advice to the public when he appeared on Erwin Tulfo’s radio program. To the broken-hearted people, his simple advice was to lick their wounds and move on.

“Another first for me on Erwin Tulfo’s show! Yesterday, my counselling skills were put to the test. I was asked to give advice on a caller’s romantic problems on live radio,” Marcos wrote on Facebook.

“In a way, the letter-sender’s predicament reflects broken promises and strained relationships, something which we all could relate to. My unsolicited advice was simple. And it was: to MOVE ON. There are always important problems and challenges that we have to face and have to deal with in the present,” he said.

“Learn the lessons that life teaches. Lick your wounds. Move on,” he added.