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Boomer vs. millennial: Locsin blames Inquirer reporter’s youth for refusal to say sorry


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Foreign Affairs Secretary Teodoro “Teddyboy” Locsin Jr. is adamant about his demand for an apology from the Philippine Daily Inquirer reporter who tweeted about President Rodrigo Duterte’s absence at the closing ceremony of the 35th Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Summit in Thailand.

In a tweet posted Thursday (November 7), Locsin said he is still waiting for an apology from Inquirer reporter Jhesset Enano.

Locsin had cursed Enano for tweeting that he took Duterte’s place at the event.

“The young lady turns out to be a girl. I am sorry to hear that too. Remarkable she works for Inquirer. Still waiting for the apology to her President & mine for maligning a hardworking man. Then I’ll say sorry for upsetting her. But maybe it’s too much to expect of youth,” he said.

Earlier in the day, Locsin said Enano and Inquirer should say sorry to Duterte “for her slanders” and the paper’s supposed bias against the President.

“I will apologize to the lady she apologizes to Duterte for her slanders and that idiot newspaper vows never to slant stories about him again. I have an inexhustible supply of scurrilities. Her and the Inquirer’s president works his ass off for the country. Say sorry. Now,” he tweeted.

Meanwhile, in a Facebook post, Enano said she decided not to engage Locsin despite his attack because she believes there are more important issues that need to be discussed.

“Let’s get back to talking about stories and issues that shape our nation,” Enano said.

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