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Broadcaster na bully! Raffy Tulfo draws flak for forcing teacher to resign, give up license

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A 55-year-old teacher was forced to resign from her job after being threatened on air by broadcaster Raffy Tulfo of facing criminal charges for sending a student out of the classroom.

Tulfo also forced Melita Limjuco, a teacher in Malate, to give up her teacher’s license in exchange for the child’s parents’ promise that they will not sue her in court.

The 13-minute exchange involving Limjuco, Tulfo, and the student’s guardians— grandmother Salve Bañez and mother Rosemil Edroso, has become a hot topic online as netizens debated on whether Tulfo has overstepped his bounds.

Tulfo also became a trending topic on Twitter Friday (November 22) over the episode involving Limjuco on his TV5 show, Raffy Tulfo in Action.

The segment started with Bañez accusing Limjuco of sending her grandson out of the classroom for failing to return his report card to her.

A surveillance footage at the school showed Limjuco bringing a chair out of the classroom and telling the student to sit.

An emotional Bañez claimed her grandson was humiliated by the incident. She said there were also instances when the teacher hit the student with a comb.

Tulfo agreed with Bañez’s observation, adding that it appeared that Limjuco was zeroing in on the student.

When Limjuco was brought on air through phone patch, she explained that sending Bañez’s grandson out was her way of disciplining him.

She, however, was apologetic for her actions.

“Yung nagawa ko, mali lang ang pag-disiplina pero wala akong intensyong saktan ang bata,” Limjuco said.

Despite her explanation, Tulfo said Limjuco could be charged with child abuse.

“Nakikita ko rito meron ka talagang intensyong pahiyain yung bata. Wala kang intensyon to abuse him physically but emotionally and psychologically, the intention was there,” he said.

Tulfo then brought the child’s mother Rosemil Edroso, to the studio. She demanded that Limjuco resign.

“Mamahinga na siya sa bahay nila,” Edroso said.

Tulfo then presented Limjuco with two options: Either she resign or face child abuse charges.

“Doon po sa admin case, matagal-tagal yun, di kami aasa diyan. Dito sa mabilisang kaso, dito sa child abuse, dito ka namin yayariin,” he said.

‘Di kakasuhan ng child abuse, deal, ikaw na kusang mag-resign sa iyong trabaho at maging sa PRC (Philippine Regulatory Commission) ilalakad namin at sasang-ayunan mo para mas mabilis ang proseso— na ikaw ay matanggalan ng lisensya,” Tulfo added.

Limjuco said she would rather resign. She asked that she be informed of how and when the student’s parents intend to formalize the agreement.

Several netizens believe Tulfo went overboard in asking the teacher to resign.

“Disappointed on how Tulfo handled the issue. The parents and lola are so OA! Revocation of license is too much!!
No wonder why most of kids these days are so entitled and easily offended,” said @AljimClaronino.

“When Tulfo’s show is trying hard to be a judicial court and Tulfo trying hard to be the judge himself—It’s so disappointing. There is a due process for an issue like that, not trial by publicity. That episode really deserves a dislike. 😡 #UnsubscribeTulfo,” said @jntwntytwnntysx.

“Kung abogado lang ako, id volunteer to be the legal counsel of the teacher. Ladies and gentlemen, the Philippine Judiciary aka Raffy Tulfo,” said Diegoron143.

“I don’t understand why teachers are called second parents but not allowed to discipline the students. VERY WRONG SIR RAFFY TULFO,” said @justAlingMaliit.

“This time I will unfollow and unsubscribe Raffy Tulfo in Action because I find it so unfair for what he did to our coteacher, trial by publicity on national television without any due process! Very degrading! Teacher the noblest profession? Hmm😢#raffytulfoinactionbias,” said @itskelzcristuta.

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