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Bruce Rivera defends ASEAN media pass: DDS is biggest network in PH


The media coverage of the regional summit coverage in Manila has apparently not been limited to local and foreign journalists from mainstream organizations.

Malacañang has reportedly given accreditation to several bloggers supportive of President Duterte to cover the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) ministerial meetings this week.

Lawyer Bruce Rivera, one of the social media personalities who obtained the ASEAN pass, defended his media accreditation, saying he is part of the “DDS” currently the “biggest network in the Philippines.”

He made the assertion while sharing his encounter with a Singaporean journalist who asked about his media credentials. When the foreigner claimed it was the first time to hear about the DDS, Rivera told the person: “Oh, it is now the biggest network in the Philippines.”

Rivera later issued another Facebook post, clarifying his statement was just a joke.

“I have to admit, it is senseless. It was a joke for crying out loud. So bawal na kami magjoke. Sorry po, bakla lang. Normal sa amin ang magjoke,” he said.