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Bulilyaso ‘pag may abuso! Alan Cayetano tells military: Prove anti-terror bill critics wrong

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House Speaker Alan Peter Cayetano challenged the officials of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) Friday (June 19) to prevent abuses in the implementation of the anti-terrorism bill once it becomes a law.

Speaking at the turnover of food donations and vitamins to the members of the Joint Task Force – National Capital Region of the AFP, Cayetano acknowledged the fears expressed by various groups about the anti-terrorism bill’s potential to be abused. However, he assured that the measure will not be used against law-abiding citizens.

“It is a reminder to the Executive Department, the Secretaries, who will form the Task Force Committee, it is a reminder to the Chief-of-Staff, it is a reminder to the Senate and Congress, and it is a reminder to the Chief PNP that the law will be judged not by all its successes, but by one abuse,” Cayetano said.

The Speaker said he hopes critics of the anti-terrorism bill will be proven wrong when it is enforced as a law. He also assured that the law can be amended or repealed anytime.

Cayetano maintained that the passage of a stronger anti-terrorism law is necessary to help the AFP fight against insurgency and suppress terrorism.

“We have an Anti-Terror Bill that is at par with Singapore, US, and UK, ‘yung pinipintasan po na provisions sa Anti-Terror Bill ay mas mababa po ang period of detention at mas maraming safeguard,” he said.

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