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Bullies ain’t forever: Dick believes China’s aggression will eventually end

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Senator Richard Gordon on Thursday reminded China that history shows that all “bullies” do not rule forever.

The senator made the remark as he denounced China’s continued “occupation” as well as militarization of islets and atolls in the West Philippine Sea, mostly within the country’s exclusive economic zone (EEZ).

He noted that in the world’s history, the bullies, such as Napoleon Bonaparte, Adolf Hitler and Attila the Hun “have always fallen.”

“Sa kasaysayan ng mundo, lahat ng bully ng mundo na sumusugod sa ibang bansa, katulad ni Napoleon (Bonaparte), (Adolf) Hitler, Attila the Hun, lahat iyan nahulog, ultimately nahulog,” Gordon said.

“Should the bullying continue, Gordon said the Philippines may be forced to form alliances with Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand or perhaps the United States,” he said.

Gordon, an ally of the Duterte administration, said the Philippine government should have “the resolve to tell China that it would not be bullied.”

He said that China “should be reminded that, at the very least, the ownership of the area is still being disputed.”

“We cannot go just meekly by. Dapat umabot sa kanila (China) ‘yan. Wag niyo kaming kaya-kayanin. Hindi kami naghihimasok sa bansa ng iba,” he said.

“At the very least, pinag-uusapan pa lang kung sino ang nagmamay-ari niyan,” the senator said.

He added, “E, bakit ba pinakikialaman ng Chinese Coast Guard ‘yung mga mangingisda na Pilipino, Vietnamese at ‘yung ibang may claim din diyan?”

Gordon said the government should lodge a protest, adding that the Chinese Coast Guard is preying on the helpless fishermen who are are merely trying to make a living.

“We are freedom-loving people. These are marginalized people. Why are you doing this to the poor people who are just trying to make a living,” he said.

“This is what makes being friends with China nowadays difficult,” he said.

He reiterated the need to build the country’s Armed Forces to ensure the military’s capability to defend the country from threats and to protect its territories.

“That is for us, that is our land. Hindi lang natin maipairal dahil kulang tayo sa barko,” Gordon said.

“We have to build our Navy, we have to build our Air Force, we have to have submarines para meron tayong ipantapat,” he said.

“Hindi naman kailangang malaki, basta meron lang tayong panlaban,” he said.