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Bully in blue! Ateneo HS student beats the hell out of classmate


A student of the Ateneo De Manila University High School has been caught on video beating up his classmate.

The two-minute video of the bully threatening then beating up his classmate has been making the rounds online.

The video showed the bully and his victim inside a restroom of AHS. The student taking the video was there together with him, as well as two other boys.

The video started with the bully asking his victim if he wanted to be beaten up or lose his dignity.

“Gusto mo bang mabugbog o mawala yung dignidad mo? Pili ka,” the bully asked his victim as two other boys looked on.

The victim was silent as the bully gave him five seconds to respond.

During this time, the two other boys left their urinals, leaving the bully and his victim alone.

It was unclear whether the victim said he wanted to be beaten up. But shortly after the five-second deadline was up, the bully removed his ID lace and hung it up inside one of the cubicles.

Facing the camera, he explained that he was about to beat up his victim.

“Kasi kung pinili niya yung dignidad, papanoorin ko siya tapos hahalikan niya ‘yung pareho kong sapatos. Tapos papahalikan ko sa kanya ‘yung bayag ko,” the bully said.

The victim, afraid of what will happen next, stood motionless in front of the urinal as the bully waited for him.

Sensing the victim’s fear, the bully turned impatient.

“Ang tagal mo ah!” he said.

When the victim turned away from the urinal, the bully faced him as if he was sizing his classmate up.

Shortly after, the bully punched the victim, then followed it up with two kicks.

Despite being shorter than the victim, the bully appeared to be knowledgeable in martial arts, as his hits had grave impact on the victim.

Hurt, the victim tried to shield himself from the bully’s kicks and punches, to no avail.

The bully continued beating up his victim even when he was cornered, and later, when he turned towards the camera to escape.

The bully only stopped after breaking his victim’s nose with a punch.

Still unsatisfied with his cruelty, the bully told his victim to kneel.

The other boys, however, appeared to panic when they saw the victim’s bloodied nose, with one of them advising him to wash the blood off before leaving the restroom.

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