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Bumababa na ang bilib! Duterte’s net trust rating falls by 8 points in June

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President Rodrigo Duterte’s net trust rating has fallen by eight points amid rising prices of basic goods and services, according to the latest survey by the Social Weather Stations (SWS).

Results of the second quarter survey showed 70 percent of Filipinos have much trust in Duterte, while 18 percent are undecided and 13 percent have little trust in him.

The results yield a net trust rating of +57 for Duterte, lower than the +65 he got in March.

His current net trust rating, however, remains in the “very good” level under SWS’ terminology.

The decline in Duterte’s net trust rating was caused by declines in the Visayas and Metro Manila, combined with steady scores in Mindanao and Balance Luzon.

In Visayas, net trust in Duterte went down by two grades from “excellent” +70 in March to a “good” +49 in June.

It fell by one grade in Metro Manila, down from a “very good” +62 in March to a “good” 42 in June.

Duterte continues to enjoy “excellent” trust ratings in Mindanao at +88 and “very good” in Balance Luzon at +50.

SWS’ June survey found that net trust in Duterte was lower among those whose quality of life worsened, those who expect their quality of life to worsen and those who expect the economy to worsen.

The poll also found that net trust in Duterte was a “good” +40 among Severely Hungry families, lower than the “very good” +54 among Moderately Hungry families, and the “very good” +57 among Non-Hungry families.

SWS conducted the survey from June 27 to 30 with 1,200 respondents nationwide. It has a margin of error of plus/minus 3 percent for national percentages.