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Business and leisure: Duterte to meet Mahathir after Pacquiao-Matthysse fight in KL


President Duterte​ has​ announced plans to meet with newly-elected Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad next week to discuss issues concerning ISIS and insurgency problem.

The President​ talked to the Malaysian PM on the phone Monday and tackled his upcoming visit to Kuala Lumpur, according to Presidential Spokesman Harry Roque.

The meeting between the two leaders will be held a day after the President watches the boxing match of people’s champ​ ​Sen. Emmanuel “Manny” Pacquiao and Argentine boxer Lucas Matthyse on Sunday, July 15.

“(I) had a telephone talk with Mahathir before Cabinet meeting. He wants to talk about insurgency and ISIS. We will be there (in Malaysia on) July 16. After boxing, will talk with Mahathir,” Roque​ tweeted, ​quoting the President​.

The President’s visit will be a private trip and Duterte will probably stay three days at most although there are no final plans yet, Roque said.