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Buti ‘di nagmana sa ama! Duterte shares Kitty’s lowest grade is 91


President Rodrigo Duterte’s youngest daughter, Veronica or Kitty, apparently takes after her mother when it comes to intelligence.

During the opening of a new Gaisano mall in Davao City Friday (October 19), Duterte shared that Kitty’s youngest grade is 91.

“Her lowest grade is 91. That’s the lowest. I told her, ‘Nak, back then I only studied just a little.’ Because she’s always complaining, always studying and rarely goes out anymore,” he said.

Duterte couldn’t help but compare himself to his youngest daughter, since he only had passing marks when he was a student.

Why would you go for 95-95 when 75 is just as fine? 75-75 lang,” he said.

A few minutes before mentioning Kitty, Duterte shared that his long time partner, Honeylet Avanceña. graduated as valedictorian.

In a bid to redeem himself, the President boasted that his Cabinet Secretaries, some of whom graduated at the top of their class, has him– an average student– as their boss.

“Some of them graduated from PMA, they’re bright. Sonny Dominguez is my childhood friend. He’s also bright. From kindergarten to high school he was the valedictorian. All of them were valedictorians while I only had 75. But who’s their boss now? Is it the valedictorian? The 75,” he said.

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