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Buti na lang pumasa sa San Beda: Duterte admits he could’ve been a gangster

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What if President Rodrigo Duterte was not allowed to graduate from San Beda College of Law for shooting a fraternity brod in 1972?

Duterte told long-time buddy Ramon Tulfo that he could have been a hoodlum if he did not become an abogado.

Tulfo, special envoy to China, was among the select few who joined Duterte’s birthday treat for his partner, Honeylet Avancena, in Hong

Kong last week.

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“During dinner, which was held at a nondescript Chinese restaurant — the President shuns ostentation — Digong was his usual ebullient self while entertaining guests,” said Tulfo in his Manila Times column.

“He (Duterte) said he could have become a gangster had he not finished his law studies, but ‘God had other plans for me’,” Tulfo said.

Duterte was barred from joining his batchmates on graduation day in 1972 after he shot a fellow member of Lex Talionis in 1972 on campus.

San Beda eventually gave him his diploma which allowed him to take the Bar exams and become a fiscal in Davao.

During dinner, Tulfo said Duterte talked about his ability to go tit for tat with terrorists.

“The President said he would order all the bombs currently in military warehouses dropped on the lairs of Moro terrorists in Sulu so ‘we can have a new stock (of bombs)’.’I am capable of matching their violence’, he said, referring to the terrorists,” related Tulfo..

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