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Can’t take the heat: Admin stalwart goes on witch hunt for bashers


President Rodrigo Duterte’s talent in fending off criticism apparently hasn’t rubbed off on administration stalwary (AS) despite their closeness to each other.

Politiko learned that AS recently embarked on a bureaucracy-wide witch hunt to find out which ranking government officials are bashing him online and offline.

Specifically, AS wanted to know which Undersecretaries and Assistant Secretaries in various departments have been critical of him since he figured prominently in the news in recent weeks.

Despite AS’ cool and calm demeanor, a source said he‘s furious whenever he gets wind of articles or posts critical of him.

AS suspects certain government officials are feeding the media negative stories about him so he will be put in a bad light.

Given AS’ political ambition, he would do well to learn how to handle critics early on or bashing will be the end of him.

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