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Casiño called hypocrite, fake communist; Ex-solon tells critics to spare his family

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Former Bayan Muna Rep. Teddy Casiño has asked his critics to pick a fight with him instead of dragging his family over his alleged hypocrisy.

Casiño was recently rebuked by writer Krizette Laureta Chu for allegedly being a fake communist. She called Casiño a hypocrite for talking about activism in school while sending his kid to La Salle Greenhills. Blacked out photos of Casiño’s wife and son were reportedly posted online.

“If you want to walk your talk, paaralin mo sa Lumad schools yung mga anak mo leche ka. Ipa immersion mo sa bundok Yang mga yan,” she said.

Reacting to Chu’s Facebook post, Casiño asked that the posts with his wife and son’s photos be taken down.

“Don’t use my family to get back at me. By ridiculing their pictures and posts in your social media accounts, you are putting them in danger of being bullied online or even physically harmed. They are
private persons. You have a beef with me, stick with me,” he said.

He also dispelled allegations that he was a hypocrite and a fake communist, saying sending kids to a good school does not make a person any less an activist as the others.

“Some of you are calling me a hypocrite and ‘fake’ communist because me and my sons are not NPA fighters. Would you rather that we become NPAs and ‘genuine’ communists? Yeah, right,” he said.

The former lawmaker confirmed that he sends his son to La Salle but someone else is paying for the tuition.

“By myself, I cannot afford to send my son to LSGH. The only reason he is there is because someone who believes my son deserves the same education I got is footing the bill,” he said.

He said it would be stupid to send his sons to a lumad school in Mindanao because “they are not lumad.”

He said his children are not activists and he would let them decide on what to do with their lives.

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