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Woman of Steel

There’s not just one incident that will bear out that Ria Christina Fariñas is a woman of steel.

Voice in the Wilderness

The free market of ideas is one of the foundations of a true democracy. There is, after all, no monopoly of rationality or, for that matter, foolishness.

What I would say if I were president

Seven thousand dead into the government’s war on drugs, still the drug trade continues. One presidential threat after another has not diminished the trade.

‘Politics is a vocation’

I grew up loathing politics down to the core primarily because of the bad example shown by many politicians. I thought politics in this country is so filthy that it’s irreversible and beyond redemption.

The Man with a Plan

EVEN AT A YOUNG AGE, RUFFY BIAZON knew what genuine public service meant. The youngest child of former Senator and former Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) Chief of Staff Rodolfo Biazon and Monserrat Bunoan, Ruffy saw how his father served the country, first in the AFP as a decorated soldier, then later in the Philippine Congress as a three-term senator and two-term representative.

Where the Roads are Headed

EARLY 2020 THEN FAST FORWARD TO TODAY. The pandemic has plagued the Philippines for more than a year already. Ever since then, it has left a trail of death, fear, uncertainty, and worse, corruption wherever its tremors rippled, forcing people to stay home as much as they could. Many feel like the time stopped ticking, lives ceased to exist, and memories skipped while we stayed here trapped in draconian community lockdowns and travel restrictions. Travel and tourism, along with many others, have been globally restructured by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Consequences of Covid-19 Crisis

THE ONGOING CORONAVIRUS OUTBREAK HAS CREATED A DEVASTATING impact on over 180 countries across the globe. What started in Wuhan, China in December 2019 as pneumonia of unknown cause became a pandemic in just three months. The severity of the number of cases crippled in no time has raised alarming concerns worldwide.

Vaccination is Our Key to Recovery

AS A PUBLIC SERVANT, AS A FATHER to three young children, and as a survivor of COVID-19, I see only one way out of this pandemic: vaccination. That is our key to recovery.

TESDAMAN’s Mission: Providing Jobs to Filipinos

SENATOR JOEL VILLANUEVA’S BRAND as TESDAMAN stemmed from his days as head of the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA), during which he helped provide employment and livelihood opportunities to millions of Filipinos.

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