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Former Speaker Alan Cayetano has only himself to blame after being kicked out of the top post of the House of Representatives, according to former Vice President Jojo Binay.

In his latest Manila Bulletin article titled “The end,” Binay found Cayetano arrogant and obsessed with power when he tried to cling to his post and refused to relinquish his post.

He alleged that Cayetano is “as good as politically dead” after he antagonized President Duterte and defied his wishes to honor the term-sharing deal with Marinduque Rep. Lord Allan Velasco and pass the national budget.

More than a hundred congressmen recently voted to oust Cayetano and install Velasco as new House Speaker.

The former vice president did not name Cayetano in his latest opinion piece and only referred to him as the congressman from Taguig. Binay shared his article on his Facebook page.

“I described the ouster as predictable because the congressman was as good as politically dead when he antagonized – in his desperate effort to conjure the image of political invincibility – the highest leader of the republic, the one person to whom he owes much of his political fortunes, and more,” Binay said.

“He accomplished this by holding the 2021 budget hostage to his ambition and openly defying the wishes of the President. He not only embarrassed the country’s leader, but created the perception of weakness,” he said.

He said no other politician has shown such contempt for the gentleman’s rules of politics than Cayetano.

“And his recklessness, insufferable arrogance, and power-mad ways are all driven by his obsession with power. That power has now slipped from his hands, and he only has himself to blame,” he said.

On speculations Cayetano is eyeing the presidency, Binay said the lawmaker’s recent actions gave the public a glimpse on how he will use the powers of the presidency.

“It is both repulsive and frightening. It is something we do not wish to inflict on an already suffering nation,” he said.

‘No other politician in contemporary history has displayed such contempt for the unwritten gentleman’s rules of politics…

Posted by Jojo Binay on Tuesday, October 13, 2020

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