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Cayetano to PDEA: ‘Why save a drug pusher’s life in exchange for yours?’

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House Speaker Alan Peter Cayetano on Friday said the government’s bloody campaign against illegal drugs is “not a war on life.”

“The drug campaign, or the anti-drug campaign, or the drug war as well call it, is not a war on life. Our intention is not to kill people. Our intention is to protect human life. To protect the life, liberty of our people. To protect our people by giving them safe areas to live in. Safe streets to walk. Safe places to work,” the Taguig representative said.

Cayetano delivered a keynote speech at the 17th anniversary celebration of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA).

In his speech, the House leader defended the government’s drug war, saying those killed by law enforcers were slain because they fought back.

“There are people killed because these people want to kill the law enforcers.There are cases when they are facing criminal prosecution,” he said.

“No country in the world has a perfect record for their law enforcement. Because we’re human. There are many people who also fall into bad practice. But as a whole, the casualties of the drug war are brought about by the force to protect our people,” he said.

“Why would you save the life of the pusher if kapalit ay sarili mong buhay o buhay ng mga inosente. But of course, if you can save the life of everyone, why not?” Cayetano said.

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