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Cayetano: United States neglected PH, stood blindly amid abuse, territory snatched from us

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Are we still friends?

House Speaker Alan Cayetano has called on the United States to meet the country “half way” in ensuring mutually beneficial relations.

The administration ally made the appeal after observing the Philippines has been neglected by its western ally in recent years. He said it was time not only the visiting forces agreement but also the country’s relations with the US.

‘Today, if we do our research and review the facts, we can see that we have been neglected by the United States. They have stood by blindly as we where abused by our neighbors and our territory snatched from us,” he said.

“And their former enemies – despite still differing values on democratic process and human rights – continue to get better treatment and more resources from them than their old friend, and ever reliable ally, the Philippines,” he said.

He said he wants the country’s friendship with the American people and the US government to grow stronger but such ties must be based on mutual respect.

“Let’s spend the next few days reviewing not only the VFA but our long relationship with the United States Government. Their position on critical issues vis-a-vis our position – especially those affecting Philippine domestic matters – must be reexamined,” he said.

“We pray that they will meet us at least half way in finding a mutually beneficial and mutually respectful balance to our longtime relationship,” he said.

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