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Cayetano warns vs Trillanes’ big sellout


After a public spat with former President Benigno Aquino III, Foreign Affairs Secretary Alan Cayetano has fired back at opposition Senator Antonio Trillanes IV over the South China Sea issue.

Cayetano, in a Facebook post, slammed Trillanes for spreading lies that the country’s joint oil exploration in the South China Sea would be lopsided in favor of China, saying President Duterte actually wanted a fair and equitable deal.

“If you negotiate, surely it will be a sellout, like when President Aquino trusted you and we lost control of Scarborough,” the DFA chief said.

“President Duterte will not allow any agreement that is not fair and equitable, favorable to the Filipino people, and mutually beneficial to parties,” he said.

He said the President’s orders were to do “everything possible to secure and safeguard every square inch of our territory, and protection and enjoyment of our sovereign/economic rights will be followed strictly.”

“So Senator, keep telling lies, we will keep telling the Truth. Keep sabotaging the future of generations to come; and we will keep working on securing a good future for all Filipinos,” he said.

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