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Cebu politikos seen to unite for Duterte’s presidential bid

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Politikos in Cebu might have a reason to band together if Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte runs for president.

Duterte is no stranger to Cebuanos as his father, the late Davao Governor Vicente Duterte, used to be the mayor of Danao City before moving to Mindanao.

The mayor’s family is also related to the prominent Cebuano political clans of Duranos, Almendrases and Patalinghugs.

There has been growing clamor for a Bisaya to become president of the Philippines as it has been six decades already since Carlos P. Garcia, a Boholano, held the highest electoral post in the land.

Former Cebu governor Emilio Osmeña has reportedly been prodding Duterte to run, promising him the entire clan’s support during their recent meeting over the weekend.

“It’s about time to have a Cebuano or Visayan-speaking president,” Osmeña said.

Duterte is set to announce his political plans next month.