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By Nancy Carvajal

The head of the National Bureau of Investigation’s (NBI) Cybercrime Division wants to ban Nigerian nationals from entering the country if they are using a student visa.

NBI Cybercrime Division Chief Vic Lorenzo said Nigerians with student visas are likely members of a hacking syndicate.

“All our hacking cases involved Nigerian nationals who are here on student visa, they should be banned. Wala naman tayong pakinabang sa kanila, dagdag pa sila sa problema,’’ he told Politiko.

Aside from committing crimes, Lorenzo said Nigerians with student visas also use Filipinas as accomplices or abuse them. He cited instances when they arrested Filipinas who were used by Nigerian syndicate members to open bank accounts.

“Sila taga-open ng accounts at taga-withdraw. These girls were made to believed that the money that entered their accounts were sent from Nigeria as their allowance. They usually are clueless that the money was part of a bank heist, by the syndicate,’’ Lorenzo added.

The NBI recently arrested four Nigerian nationals suspected of hacking the United Coconut Planters Bank’s (UCPB) information technology system to steal P167 million. Lorenzo described the syndicate behind the heist as “organized and well-funded.”

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