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China can’t be trusted: SC asked to stop Mislatel from becoming 3rd telco


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Due to threats of spying from China, the Supreme Court (SC) has been asked to stop the award as the country’s third telecommunications player to Mindanao Islamic Telephone Co., Inc. (Mislatel).

“Considering that 40% of Mislatel Corporation, the congressional franchise holder, is held by China Telecom, which is a state-owned enterprise, the NTC (National Telecommunications Commission) has opened up the Filipino people to surveillance and threats to security by a government entity, and a foreign one at that,” read the petition-in-intervention of private individual Marlon Anthony Tonson, among the arguments raised.

Because of this, the petitioner asked the SC to declare as unconstitutional NTC’s Memorandum Circular No. 09-09-18 which set the selection process in picking the third telco player and nullify the selection of Mislatel as the new telco player.

“M.C. 09-09-18 must be stricken down because it fails to adequately down because it fails to adequately protect the Filipino people from the national and individual security risks,” he pointed out.

“Cybersecurity risks are now faster, more efficient, and such concerns blend with issues of sovereignty and fundamental liberties,” he warned.

“In adopting and carrying out the terms of M.C. 09-09-18, the NTC would be complicit in a foreign government’s intrusions into Philippine affairs,” he added.

The petitioner informed the SC that China enacted the National Intelligence Law (NIL) which required all organizations and citizens to “support, assist, and cooperate with national intelligence efforts…”

“Considering that the gathering of sensitive information has been legislated by China as a state policy, it is expected that China Telecom will unwaveringly abide by the NIL,” said the petitioner.

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