China’s Sinopharm ready to ship 25M vaccine doses once PH okays EUA
“Can bring in as much as 25-million vaccine doses (of Sinopharm) which should be good for the entire populace.”

China’s Sinopharm ready to ship 25M vaccine doses once PH okays EUA

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MANILA – Pharmaceutical giant China Biotechnology Co. Ltd. said some 25 million doses of Sinopharm COVID-19 vaccines are ready to be shipped to the Philippines once the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) finally issues an authorization for its emergency use, the Chinese firm’s Philippine representative said on Friday.

Lawyer Mark Kristopher Tolentino, President and CEO of MKG Universal Drugs Trading Corp, said China Biotech “can bring in as much as 25-million vaccine doses (of Sinopharm) which should be good for the entire populace.”

China Biotech earlier has appointed MKG Universal as the Philippines’ exclusive distributor of the Sinopharm vaccine.

According to Tolentino, their firm had already filed for application for emergency use authorization (EUA) as early as January this year, and currently awaits approval from the FDA.

The influx of vaccine brands such as Sinovac, Pfizer, Sputnik, and AstraZeneca has led to significant breakthroughs in the global COVID war, with approximately 1.2-million Filipinos having been properly inoculated as of mid-April 2021.

However, the limited supply of these vaccine brands are not yet enough to meet the large demand to curb the alarming rise in the country’s daily Covid-19 tally.

Tolentino expressed optimism about the wide scale availability of the Sinopharm vaccine—once it secures EUA from FDA—which should be sufficient to properly inoculate the entire Filipino populace within record time.

With the completion of the Chinese company’s phase III clinical trials as early as June 2020, the company forged international clinical cooperation agreements to fast track the dissemination of the vaccine all over the world.

Tolentino stressed that Sinopharm is China’s “best vaccine” against COVID-19 since it “is strongly recommended for both the young (three years old) and the old (up to 100 years old), as well as for those with underlying diseases and comorbidities.”

He noted that during the clinical trials held last June 2020 in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), 1,500 among those tested were Filipinos, who all responded well to the treatment with no adverse side effects.

Meanwhile, MKG Universal’s business partner and exclusive sales, marketing and advertising arm, ALV Consultus, hopes to implement the immediate dissemination of the vaccine to hospitals and other high-risk COVID-stricken populations with the assistance of local government units (LGUs).

ALV Consultus chief Arnold Vegafria said once Sinopharm secures greenlight from FDA, the Chinese firm “can have the Sinopharm vaccine here in just one week, to be delivered by plane.”

Vegafria added that China Biotech “is also willing to donate a significant volume of Sinopharm vaccines, on top of our outright purchases, just to make sure that we have adequate contingency supplies to supplement our available stock.” (JCC)

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