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Cito Beltran: If you can’t beat Binay…


Cito Beltan: “If you can’t beat Binay – Join Binay.” Philippine Star 

Cito Beltran: For the extreme anti-Binay or the extreme pro-Aquino followers, the suggestion that Vice President Jejomar Binay might be adopted or become a guest candidate of the administration for President may be utter heresy if not sacrilege. However, it is something that has been suggested, been brewing and reportedly currently being peddled and negotiated. Philippine Star

Cito Beltran: Readers might recall that a week or two after the Supreme Court declared the DAP unconstitutional, a politician source told me that Congress would soon cook up a law to overcome the effect of the SC decision. As predicted they are now trying to redefine the legal definition of “savings” to suit the P-Noy concept. The same source told me: “Don’t be surprised to hear or find out that Binay is actually the secret candidate or political Trojan Horse of P-Noy.” He then reminded me of how far back Binay served and remained loyal to the Aquinos, even willing to risk his life and die fighting for Cory, which earned him the moniker “Rambotito” during the coup-ridden years. This explains why VP Binay always deferred and honored the President just as David refused to attack King Saul in the Bible. Philippine Star

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