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Clear and present danger: Duterte tells PMA grads to be wary of ‘irrational’ local and foreign destabilizers

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President Rodrigo Duterte warned the 2019 graduates of the Philippine Military Academy to guard against “irrational” players both here and abroad.

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Duterte issued the warning amid allegations that Senator Antonio Trillanes IV and the Liberal Party were plotting to unseat him and install Vice President Leni Robredo as president.

“Our security is not anymore just about arms and equipment. At this time, complex and irrational state and non-state actors may even pose danger to our country,” said Duterte during the PMA graduation ceremonies in Baguio City.

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“Given this reality, I ask you to always remain faithful to your mission: Be a good soldier who will serve the Constitution, protect the people, secure our sovereignty, and preserve the integrity of our national territory,” he added.

I urge you always embody courage and loyalty as you pursue your noble careers in the military. Let these values be your beacon until your last taps are sung and your perpetual memory would be to see your country truly free.

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