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Condoms and culture of death: CBCP condemns condom distribution in schools


The Catholic Bishops’Conference of the Philippines rejected the Department of Health’s plan to distribute condoms in schools to prevent the spread of HIV-AIDS.

In a statement, the CBCP Episcopal Commission on Health Care said this may contribute to what it called a “culture of death.”

“With the recent statement released by the government about the distribution of condoms in schools, CBCP Episcopal Commission on health care would like to express our ‘indignation’ about the strategy. We profoundly lament the damage to young people’s consciences produced by this action because these types of gestures, far from preventing pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections, encourage promiscuity and high-risk behaviors,” it said in a pastoral statement.

It said schools are homes for the young to learn “”Gospel-based values, value of human life and dignity human person, responsibility and respect for others, and treasuring human sexuality as a gift among others.”

CBCP-ECHC executive secretary Fr. Dan Cancino added schools should be a bastion of the “culture of life” by promoting “fidelity and chastity.”

“Schools should be a bastion of the “culture of life” by providing education that forms the young to be witnesses of fidelity and chastity,” he said.

Instead of distributing condoms, the CBCP pushed for strategic integration of sexuality education.

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