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Confirmed?! Newly promoted ‘macho official’ has a Grindr account


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A newly promoted “macho” official (MO) has been discreetly making headlines in the underground online community due to his alleged membership with a social-networking app designed mainly for the gay, bisexual, and trans-sexual men.

A reliable source told Politiko that several of her friends in the LGBT community, who have an application app named ‘Grindr’ in their mobile phones, went crazy after the avatar of MO with full name appeared in their respective gadgets.

According to its website, Grindr is a geosocial networking mobile app “geared towards gay and bisexual men.” The said social-media application runs on iOS and Android devices and has an internal GPS tracker among its members, designed to help them meet other men in their area.

The app is reportedly quite popular especially among young and middle-age executive gay men who are working in the government and private sector.

The source wasn’t quite sure over the real motive of MO in joining the said app since he is one of the Duterte administration’s epitome of machismo.

MO, who gained popularity after being confronted by a worn out actor (WO) last year reportedly have “homophobic tendencies” especially after scrapping some programs related to the LGBT community.

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