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Congress must understand, I need more time for martial law – Duterte


A week after declaring martial law, President Rodrigo Duterte is saying he needs more ‎than the 60-day limit to resolve the Marawi City crisis and that Congress must keep an open mind about it. “It’s beyond 60 days, Congress must understand that I may need more time,” said Duterte in a speech.

“There’s Jolo, which is also bursting. And on top of that, I am facing three fronts. I have terrorism in Mindanao; I have the drug problem; and itong mga ordinary, kidnap-for-ransom and everything,” he added.

Duterte swore he would be the first to lift martial law but at this point, he does not see that happening any time soon based on his feedback from the military and police.

‎”The earlier we attain the equanimity of the community, the stability, I’d be the first to clamor for the lifting of martial law,” he said.

“I’m very sad. Marami akong sundalong patay, marami akong pulis na patay. Hindi lang nila nire-record kung ilan. Wala akong nakita na newspaper na, ‘the following died today’. ‎I lose about three, four. It keeps on increasing everyday for as long as that war rages on. I am one of those who are really hurrying it up,” he added.

He called his critics “fools and stupid” for claiming that he did not not consult the military and the police. He was also questioned on why he imposed martial law over the entire Mindanao when the fighting was limited to Marawi City.

“You do not declare martial law without asking the soldiers and the policemen. Kaya nga nila nasabi na nag-declare ako na walang permiso sa military pati pulis. With more reason ngayon, tanungin ko ang military at pulis, ‘Are we okay? Because if we are, then let’s lift it immediately’. But for as long as the military says, ‘Sir, hindi pa talaga kaya’,” he said.

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