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Conrado de Quiros: You don’t know if Erap would have sought a second term because…


Conrado de Quiros: The two next presidents were, of course, atypical. You don’t know if Erap would have sought a second term because he never finished his first. We do know he sought a second term 10 years later, and almost made it but for P-Noy being there. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo looked determined to stay on by hook or by crook, reminding the country of someone who harbored the same appetites, ambition, and ruthlessness 25 years earlier, except that fate, destiny, or Providence got in the way, too. Cory died, and Arroyo, who had just finished a triumphal visit to the United States—she had finally wangled an invitation from Barack Obama, which she celebrated with a feast at Le Cirque—met with her funeral. Inquirer 

Conrado de Quiros: The way things are, there’s no likelihood of P-Noy staying on. Thankfully, there’s no one in Malacañang arguing that the Constitution bears flouting again because P-Noy running again would do a lot of good. Or would meet an emergency, and nothing more qualifies as an emergency than assuring that the gains are conserved. Inquirer

Conrado de Quiros: Well, there is always the choice of bestirring ourselves between now and May 2016 to find a real alternative to Roxas and Binay, if that is the source of anxiety of the netizens who are calling on P-Noy to seek a second term. Two years may be short from the perspective of things being still up in the air this late in the day, but it is long from the perspective of what has happened before. Things were a lot bleaker in 2009 when Arroyo’s prospective successors augured only for more of the same. Yet amid the gloom and doom, P-Noy emerged from the smoke. Inquirer

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