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The regional trial courts (RTC) sharing a location in Binan City had to close after an employee caught the COVID-19 virus, the Supreme Court (SC) said.

The SC Public Information Office (SCPIO) said in latest Twitter popst that RTC Branches 153, 154, and 155 are “physically closed from September 24 to October 8, 2020.”

It said that Binan Executive Judge Teodoro Solis has issued a memorandum which ordered the closure of the three RTC branches, all of which are located in the Alonte Sports Arena.

He explained he gave the directed after a staff of Branch 155 was found the have COVID-19.

“The offices of the mentioned courts must undergo disinfection under the supervision of their designated court personnel. The judges and all their staff must undergo swab testing. Contact tracing should be done to determine who may have gotten in close contact with the concerned staff outside of the office,” he added,” the magistrate said.

“Meanwhile, the judges of the above-mentioned courts may conduct video conferencing hearings from home for cases already set during the quarantine period. The said courts are still accessible through their respective hotline numbers and/or email addresses,” he added.

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