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‘Crybaby’ Ressa slammed: Real journalists are like me, real men – Locsin

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Foreign Affairs Secretary Teddy Locsin thinks Rappler executive editor Maria Angelita Ressa is being too dramatic just because she lost a cyber libel case.

“O, give it a rest. It was a libel suit. I faced a few of those and lost a few. I didn’t cry suppression. I just paid up. And kept on publishing the best newspaper in the history of post martial law journalism bar none,” said Locsin on Twitter.

Locsin was the publisher and editor-in-chief of Today Newspaper (1993–2005) and publisher of Philippine Free Press.

“Stop being a crybaby. Real journalists were like me: real men,” added Locsin.

Ressa has launched a local and foreign media blitz condemning the Philippine judiciary system after she was convicted of cyber libel.

But instead of casting aspersions on the judge, Locsin said Ressa should blame herself and her lousy defense for her debacle, specifically her refusal to take the stand and defend her decision not to take down the controversial article and post the site of the aggrieved party, businessman Wilfredo Keng.

“If you don’t show up in court to proffer evidence in your defense, judge has no choice but base her judgment on evidence preferred—by the prosecution. This is the rule everywhere except among gorillas in the mist where guile & strength carry the day. Sorry but we are not monkeys,” said Locsin.

“In the private case for libel filed by a private individual and conducted with private prosecutors, Maria Ressa did not present any evidence preferring to depend on the like-minded in media. No wonder she said she was prepared for the verdict. I guess she won’t appeal either,” he added.

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