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CSC to gov’t workers: Bawal mangampanya


Suspension and dismissal from the service may await government employees caught campaigning for candidates running in the 2019 elections, the Civil Service Commission said.

CSC chairperson Alicia dela Rosa Bala said campaigning violates not only civil service rules but also the Election Code.

She said violators may face penalties ranging from suspension to dismissal from service, depending on the gravity of the offense (Gov’t employees warned against campaigning for bets).

“The moment a person has already filed his/her candidacy and if an employee starts campaigning for that person that’s already a violation of the Election Code and our joint circular,” she added.

Under the law, government employees engaging in partisan political activities face suspension of one to six months for the first offense; and dismissal from the service for the second offense.

Candidates running in the 2019 midterm elections are expected to file their certificates of candidacy from Oct. 11 to 17.

Bala said that while expressing one’s political inclination is not a violation, campaigning is a different matter.

“The moment you start campaigning to vote for your candidate or vote this person that’s a violation,” she said.