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Cynthia Villar has no problem with rice traders: Just moderate the greed!

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Agriculture Secretary Manny Piñol believes that the biggest culprit in the Filipinos’ chronic rice problems are the rice traders or cartel operators.

But Senator Cynthia Villar has no problem with farmers going through rice traders to monetize their harvest – the rice traders just have to tone down their avarice.

In an interview with DZBB’s Mike Enriquez, Villar, the wife of the richest Filipino Manny Villar, said:”

Okay lang dumaan sa middle man basta huwag lang sasamantalahin hindi
naman tayo nagne-negosyo but moderate the greed.”

Piñol claimed rice traders made a killing from the artificial shortage in rice which sent rice prices and inflation soaring.

In theory, Piñol said rice traders would already double their money just by selling rice at P36 per kilo after buying the palay at P18 per kilo. When the rice traders acted like a cartel and started sellign rice by as much as P60 per kilo, Piñol said this was nothing but “daylight robbery.’

Piñol has moved to dismantle the rice traders’ monopoly by goading farmers to form cooperatives and deal directly with retailers and buyers and providing them with easy capital.

Villar has styled herself as an advocate for farmers, specifically rice and coconut farmers who make up 90 percent of all agriculture workers in the country.

“Of course yung oversight ko yung coconut bill natin at tsaka yung rice bill, rice law, rice coconut law. Kasi would you believe ang ating rice farmers ay 3 1/2 (million) which is 45 percent of all the farmers in the Philippines. Ang ating coconut farmers is 3 1/2 million din which is another 45 percent. Within the 2 of them there are 90% of all the farmers in the Philippines. ‘Pag na-solve natin ang problema nila, we solve the (poverty) problem. So if we pass the law to help, them I will (make sure) na iyung law na iyun ay ma-implement properly para sa kabutihan nila,” she said.

“Kasi alam mo lahat ng problema sa agriculture maso-solve na iyan
basta desidido lang tayo,” she added.

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