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Dahil ‘di kinaya! Pimentel aids Pacquiao in Trillanes interpellation


by: Xave Gregorio

Senator Manny Pacquiao was mostly stuttering as he interpellated Senator Antonio Trillanes IV on his privilege speech slamming anew the drug war of President Rodrigo Duterte, so Senate President Koko Pimentel came to the rescue and joined the boxer-politiko in throwing hard hitting questions at the opposition senator.

Pacquiao was insisting that it is “unfair” for Trillanes to accuse Duterte of being guilty for the thousands of deaths due to his war on drugs, even citing the due process clause of the Constitution.

“Without final investigation, without final conclusion of this investigation about EJK (extrajudicial killing) incident. Wala naman, ‘yung iba hindi naman naniniwala na may EJK sa ating bansa, so paano masisigurado na may EJK?” Pacquiao asked Trillanes.

“You cannot give conclusion on this matter accusing especially the highest leader in our country, the President. You know, we should think about it before we give statement and conclusion on this matter,” Pacquiao said.

But Trillanes hit back at Pacquiao, saying it is unfair for the President and his men to order the killing of suspected drug users and pushers without a proper trial.

Pacquiao then tried asking Trillanes for statistics on the police personnel suspended or sacked by the Philippine National Police or Duterte himself over supposed violations.

Trillanes then countered by bringing up Police Superintendent Marvin Marcos, who was promoted despite being implicated in the killing of former Albuera, Leyte Mayor Rolando Espinosa Sr.

It was here when Pimentel jumped in the exchange and teamed up with Pacquiao in pummeling Trillanes with questions.

The Senate President questioned Trillanes for “lumping together” the number of drug-related slays, with the opposition senator adding the number of deaths in legitimate police operations with the number of deaths under investigation, which totalled around 20,000.

Trillanes stood by his data, saying Duterte listed te deaths as “accomplishment[s.]”

“Kung homicide under investigation lang ‘yan, technically it should not be there,” he said.

“Ano ibig sabihin nito? Hindi mo alam, supposed to be. Bakit nireport mo as an accomplishment? Diba? Kasi itong pagpatay mismo ang accomplishment.”

Pimentel and Pacquiao went on a joint barrage against Trillanes after the boxer asked for a suspension to relieve himself, which, incidentally, the Senate President also needed to do.

Pimentel asked Trillanes about the “hundreds of thousands or even millions” of drug surrenderees, which was followed up by Pacquiao who accused the opposition senator of being “biased.”

“Kung pinatay lahat, eh di pinatay na lahat. Wala nang surrender surrender pa.

Judgmental tayo masiyado,” Pacquiao said.

“Ang Pangulo gusto niya na ang tao magkaroon ng pag-galang, respeto sa ating gobyerno, kasi ang problema dito, nawawala na ang respeto ng tao sa ating gobyerno. ‘Yun ang gustong ibalik ng Pangulo,” he continued.

Trillanes, however, said, “Kailangan pala nating patayin para respetuhin tayo? Eh pag patayin mo na, eh paapano ka pa rerespetuhin eh patay na?”

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