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Daig pa si Marcos! Duterte knows federalism will fail. He just wants to be more powerful- Tatad

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President Rodrigo Duterte reportedly knows his plan to shift to a federal form of government will make several regions poorer, but he still wants it to push through to gain more power, former senator Francisco “Kit” Tatad has claimed.

In his July 20 column for the Manila Times, Tatad said Duterte wants the Philippines to become a federal country so he could gain more power than the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos.

A businessman who is able to talk to DU30 has told me that the President himself knows this particular math, and has no illusions about the viability of his federalism project,” the former senator said.

“DU30 is reportedly more interested in dismantling the present system and putting himself in charge of the ‘Transitory Provision’ which would give him more powers than Marcos ever had under the 1976 amendments. These included concurrent legislative powers, which allowed him to issue presidential decrees even while Congress was working on a particular statute,” Tatad added.

Duterte has been pushing for federalism since he ran in the 2016 polls, saying it will allow regions to develop faster and devolve power from Manila.

He formed a Consultative Committee (Con Com) to draft a new Constitution for the proposed federal government.

The draft federal Constitution will be considered by Congress should it convene into a constituent assembly (Con Ass) to propose changes to the 1987 Constitution.

Tatad called Duterte’s push for federalism “completely idiotic” because it will cut up the Philippines into 18 separate regions.

“Not only is it conceptually and intellectually indefensible; there is also no way of making sure the 18 regions will survive the fragmentation. Sixty-seven percent of the national income comes from only three of the 18 regions,” he said.