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Daig pa Walmart! Netizens roast Maria Ressa for claiming ABS-CBN has 11 million employees

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Netizens had a field day Saturday (May 9) laughing at Rappler founder and chief executive officer Maria Ressa, who claimed in an interview with an Australian television network that ABS-CBN has 11 million employees.

Netizen @TishaCM said ABS-CBN beat Walmart as the world’s biggest employer if Ressa’s claim were true.

“Wow! ABS-CBN is the biggest employer in the world—11 million?! Walmart has only 2.2 million and Amazon, not even a million. Maria Ressa is the biggest fake news peddler in the world. Shame,” she said.

Twitter user @Chaaaaaano said Ressa’s claim shows what she says can’t always be trusted.

“Sabi ng BIR: 4K Employees Sabi ng ABS-CBN: 11K Employees Sabi ni MARIA RESSA: 11 Million Employees. Did she include her ALIEN RACE when counting the total employees in ABS-CBN? @CNN @nytimes @AJEnglish How can you trust this woman so much? 11 Million my ass!” he tweeted.

Netizen @MJQReyes said ABS-CBN even has more employees than CNN abroad if Ressa’s claim were true.

“ABS-CBN has not just 11,000 but 11 million employees accdg to Maria Ressa. Hiyang hiya naman ang CNN w/ only 3,000 employees worldwide,” she said.

Twitter user @_Bhyron said in jest that ABS-CBN hired more than one out of 10 Filipinos if it were true that its workforce is 11-million strong.

“Current estimate of 65 Million are adult/working population in the Philippines & according to Maria Ressa ABS-CBN has 11 million employees, that’s 17%! Her ex-company hired most of the Filipino workforce? #FakeNew #Propagandist @ABCPolitics @AJEnglish @SCMPNews @cnni,” he said.

Netizen @IamJallal, meanwhile, believes Ressa made the claim about ABS-CBN’s workforce to court sympathy from international viewers.

“Maria Ressa only proved to herself & the public that the govt isn’t really the one w/ problem. Her utterance of 11 Million employees of ABS-CBN isn’t a slip of tongue but an attempt to sensationalize the issue & swerve the intl people to urge them to rally on their behalf,” he said.

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