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Damay-damay na! Duterte dares Robredo: Resign with me


President Rodrigo Duterte has challenged Vice President Leni Robredo to resign together with him once the transition period to a federal form of government starts.

Duterte on Tuesday (July 10) said he is not in favor of succession if the draft federal Constitution is ratified and a new form of government is in place.

:It cannot be a succession because I have no other agenda there except that I would like the Filipino to choose a new leader lalo na it is a new structure and I have been an official of the structure of type of government which has been since time immemorial, unitary,” he told reporters at the sidelines of a forum in Clark, Pampanga.

Duterte said it would be better for Filipinos to elect a new leader under a federal government.

He reiterated that he has no ambition of prolonging his term.

“‘Yung mga nagsisigaw ng diktador, ‘yan ang mga taong may ambisyon. Wala nang ginawa kung hindi mag… They invent malice in their minds. Or better still I will invite them here to resign with me. Or not really to resign but to agree to being — hindi naman dismiss but to cease. To cease being President and Vice President,” Duterte said.

The President earlier urged the Consultative Committee which drafted the proposed federal Constitution to scrap the provision naming him as the leader of the committee in charge of transitioning into a federal form of government.