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Dapat kanya-kanya! JV Ejercito wants Senate, House to vote separately if convened as con-ass

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Senator Joseph Victor Ejercito sees no problem with convening Senate and the House of Representatives as a constituent assembly (con-ass) in pursuing Charter change as long as the two chambers vote separately.

Ejercito sees the issue of voting as the most contentious issue that members of the two Houses would have to resolve before delving into the finer details of amending the Constitution.

“If ever na lang, whether the Senate and House will vote separately yun na lang siguro pag uusapan once we convene. Medyo palagay ko (magkakaroon ng deadlock), palagay ko kung sakali yun lang talaga magiging major stumbling block for a Con-Ass,” Ejercito said on the matter of the bicameral Congress voting separately or jointly.

Mmahirap ma resolve pero tingnan natin. I think the senators would want to vote separately kasi we’ll be outnumbered eh,” he added.

President Rodrigo Duterte has expressed preference for con-ass in pursuing Charter change compared to convening a constitutional convention, which is predicted to be costlier because of the number of delegates who have to be elected.

Duterte wants to amend the Constitution to shift to a federal form of government, a move which he said will bring peace to Mindanao.

While supportive of the President’s move for Charter change, Ejercito said senators would have to study the proposal to put a federal government in place.

“I would think they would have some concerns. This is a big shift, ibang-iba na ito. This is a form of government already. Of course all of us are used to this presidential form of government so the federalism would be an entirely new animal so to speak so we really have to study it,” he said.