Dapat mabulok sa kulungan! Politiko fans oppose pardon for Imelda Marcos

Dapat mabulok sa kulungan! Politiko fans oppose pardon for Imelda Marcos

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A plurality of Politiko fans want former First Lady and now Ilocos Norte Rep. Imelda Marcos to rot in jail after the Sandiganbayan found her guilty of graft, according to an online poll.

Results of Politiko’s survey showed 43 percent of netizens are opposed to the prospect of President Rodrigo Duterte pardoning Marcos for her crimes.

The plurality of Politiko fans said Marcos should first apologize for her wrongdoing and return the money her family stole from the people during the presidency of her husband, the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos.

Close to three out of 10 Politiko fans, or 28 percent, believe Marcos should be pardoned because she is already 89 years old.

Fifteen percent of netizens are undecided since the Sandiganbayan’s ruling can still be appealed.

The remaining 14 percent do not care about Duterte’s decision since he’s an ally of the Marcoses.

The Sandiganbayan Fifth Division found Marcos guilty of graft over her alleged financial interests in foundations based in Switzerland when she was Minister of Human Settlements and an interim member of Congress during the presidency of her husband, Ferdinand Marcos.

The former First Lady was sentenced to a minimum of six years and one month to a maximum prison sentence of 11 years for each of the seven counts of graft she was found guilty of.

Politiko’s poll was conducted from November 11 to 15 with 411 netizens as respondents.

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