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De Lima asks Pinoys to channel anger toward Duterte as ‘the common enemy’


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Opposition Senator Leila de Lima on Tuesday urged the Filipino public, especially young people and women, to resist President Rodrigo Duterte’s “intensified attacks against the Catholic faith and public remarks that reek of sexism and misogyny.”

De Lima said the Filipino people who suffer under the despotic rule of Duterte should fume over the oft-repeated blatant attacks of the government on the Catholic church and women, and channel such anger towards the “common enemy.”

“The trash that comes out from the foul mouth of this President – the ‘confession’ about the sexual assault of a kasambahay (housemaid) and the intensified attacks against the Catholic faith – is growing ever more toxic and extremely sickening,” she said in a dispatch from Camp Crame, where she is detained on illegal drug charges.

“As to us who count ourselves as part of the pro-democracy forces, the urgent and compelling challenge to us is to get our act together and not be weakened and disabled by unnecessary frictions and divisiveness, which only benefit and empower the real and greater enemy,” she added.

Last month, Duterte “confessed” that he molested his family’s maid when he was a teenager as he renewed his attacks against the Catholic Church hierarchy for criticizing him and his supposed faultless policies.

Malacañang later said he did not mean it literally.

De Lima said it was the public’s apathy, silence or plain cowardice that have become “enablers of the new order of political turmoil and moral decay in the society under Duterte.”

She earlier called out on individuals who continue to tolerate Duterte’s tirades, including the greedy and abusive politicians and some members of the San Beda College Alumni Association who glorified infamy by recognizing Duterte as the “Bedan of the Decade.”

“Shame on you, the greedy and abusive politicians who, by your selfish interests and visionless ambitions, have allowed yourselves to be pawns or willing partners of a tyrant on his path to perdition,” she said.

The former justice secretary also called the attention of individuals who continue to support Duterte’s derogatory remarks by “gleefully” applauding his offensive rantings and vile and odious sexist remarks, among others.

She urged these people, including the members of the opposition, to not be afraid to express their condemnation against the oppressive and unjust moves of the government and to start holding leaders accountable for their words and actions.

“The opposition must devise an aggressive counter-strategy to expose the insidious agenda of this regime, awaken the silent majority and stir them into action,” she added.

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