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De Lima: Duterte is ‘No. 1 suspect’ if something happens to me

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Senator Leila de Lima will run to the Supreme Court anew to seek protection from the supposed threats to her life from President Rodrigo Duterte and his allies.

De Lima announced her plan to file a writ of amparo as she pointed at Duterte as the primary suspect if ever something bad happens to her.

“Paulit-ulit nilang sinasabi na I’m the leading narco-politician and the public enemy No. 1, makes me already a fair game for sinister things. Kung may mangyari sa akin, sino ang No. 1 suspect? Hindi ba sya?” she told reporters Tuesday (Jan. 10).

“And I’m making him responsible if something happens to me. Take my word or note my word: if something happens to me, he is the one responsible, directly and indirectly dahil ginagawa nila akong ano eh….paulit-ulit nila akong dine-demonize,” De Lima added.

As proof that threats to her life could only come from Duterte, De Lima cited his speech in Malacañang Monday (Jan. 9) where he said he never issued any order to kill her or anyone in his war against drugs.

“So it was an unintentional. Nasa utak nya. So since it’s some kind of a slip, then the idea that I’m part of the threat or being threatened is there, is very much in existence. The intention is there,” De Lima said.

Owing to the supposed threats to her life, De Lima said she will file a petition for a writ of amparo even as her petition for the writ of habeas data is still pending before the SC.

“Although related ‘yan (writ of habeas data) sa (writ of) amparo, pero iba ang thrust ng petition ko. It’s about those na mga statements nya na mga kabastusan about me. Now, this time around, since it’s a threat – I consider it a veiled threat – I’m thinking of writ of amparo. Wala naman akong ibang remedy eh,” she said.

Besides Duterte, the senator said she will also include among the respondents her perennial critics such as Justice Sec. Vitaliano Aguirre II, Solicitor General Jose Calida and also the Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption (VACC) especially those who raised funds encouraging others to join and form a group against her.

“(This is to) to tell them to stop threatening me, to tell them to stop issuing statements that can incite people, whether their own allies, their own supporters or other elements to do harm on me, that is the essence of the (writ of) amparo,” she said.