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De Lima slams bishops, Catholics for allowing ‘Demonic’ Duterte to insult their faith: Umalma kasi kayo!

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President Rodrigo Duterte has repeatedly attacked the Church and its
beliefs because its leaders and its followers have kept quiet to his
insults and blasphemy.

“Patuloy nyang ginagawa ito dahil tayong mga Katoliko, kasama na ang
Pamunuan ng Simbahan, ay hindi umaalma sa kanya,” said de Lima in a
“Some friends would occasionally advise me, to just ignore him. But
no! This is not right. The malignancy of his relentless assaults
against the Catholic faith is absolutely unacceptable,” she added.

As a Catholic, de Lima said she was deeply offended by Duterte’s
“incessant vilification, insults and attacks against the Catholic
Church, singling it out among the active religions in the country.”

De Lima said the “unhinged” and “demonic” Duterte’s goal was “to
destroy and divide the Catholic Church, just as he keeps on eroding
our cherished values as a nation.”

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