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De Lima: ‘Where does Bong Go get his funds? He is everywhere’


Opposition Senator Leila de Lima on Friday asked senatorial hopeful and former Special Assistant to the President Bong Go where he got the fund to maintain his very strong presence even before the start of the campaign period.

“Bong Go is everywhere, inescapable in all sizes and in all forms. There has been an ongoing invasion of public spaces by his tarpaulins and expensive billboards, and on TV, radio, print and social media, he’s ubiquitous these past months,” she said in a statement.

“He obviously has a well-oiled electoral machinery. But where does he get the funds?” De Lima said.

She lamented: “He does all these even way before the start of the official campaign period, taking advantage of a gap in our election laws and jurisprudence which tolerates premature campaigning.”

“What is clear is that Bong Go follows the template of Epal politics, one which is full of lavish or immoderate display of him signifying nothing,” De Lima said.

“But his case is so brazen in its utter lack of delicadeza. He is supposed to have resigned already as Special Assistant to the President (SAP) when he filed his certificate of candidacy. But why is he always with Digong to attend events practically acting as his official cameraman and Twitter/Socmed guy?” she said.

“It’s even akin to usurpation of authority, since someone else is supposed to have taken already his previous functions as SAP,” De Lima said.

“But since he continues to act as Duterte’s super alalay, it is safe to presume that public funds are also expended while he is campaigning early… and still assuming the SAP role,” she said.

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