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Delikado! Duterte fears Robredo will use chatter from Cabinet meetings for her presidential run in 2022

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President Rodrigo Duterte believes Vice President Leni Robredo can use some of the state secrets as ammunition against the administration bets in the 2022 elections.

Duterte said Robredo’s recent statements to look into extrajudicial killings in his drug war and consultations with international human rights groups only bolstered his decision to bar the Veep from attending Cabinet meetings and to restrict her access to high value drug targets on a “need to know” despite appointing her as co-chair of the Inter Agency Committee on Anti-Illegal Drugs (ICAD).

“Natakot tuloy ako baka pakitaan niya kasi she was questioning noon ‘ah ‘yung extrajudicial’, ganoon na, kasali na ang politika…Kaya delikado ‘yan kasi doon siya sa kabila. Nandito ako. Nagtatapunan kami ng basura,” said Duterte in an interview with reporters.

“Election is a noble thing. But politics is always dirty especially if you are the other side. Huwag mo na lang akong bolahin. Kung anong mapulot mo dito balang araw — two years na lang, and she wants to aspire for the presidency,” he added.

By letting her attend Cabinet, Duterte said Robredo would participate in the discussion and would know everything that is classified, including mundane and ordinary things that could be used as fodder in the campaign.

“Delikado ‘yan kasi may mga tao rin ang gobyerno sa loob including ang mga military. Have you heard of deep penetration agents? We are practicing good practices to safeguard the country. And so I cannot jeopardize those things,” he said.

“What should I do if those matters are leaked or if it is a good issue in politics? “O because ito siya ang nag-order ng killing nito o siya ang nag-order tapos namatay. And then they would develop a story and they would twist it. Then you come up with some accusation,” he added.

Duterte knew Robredo had sinister plans when she invited prosecutors of United Nations Human Rights Commission after rebuking the, “Bakit niya papuntahin dito ‘yung prosecutors and all, observers? She was grandstanding na eh. It was — it was like a carnival after. She was talking right and left dito ganun. Presidente ka, mag-ganun ka?” said Duterte.

He also said Robredo’s inflammatory statements were usually picked up by her allies in the Senate.

“Diyan sa Senate, may mga fisherman diyan. Now, ‘pag maglabas siya, magtanong, eh kapartido niya, they will fish something from her mouth. Tapos, if they can have this you know thing, they can always prepare for you during the election,” said Duterte.

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