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Delikado na maging DDS! Is Facebook hacking democracy by taking down pro-Duterte accounts?

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Is Facebook trying to sabotage the administration by taking down pages and accounts linked to President Rodrigo Duterte and his allies? A netizen thinks so.

A Twitter user with the handle, @Dutertenomics, believes Facebook’s massive takedown of accounts linked to Duterte’s former social media manager, Nic Gabunada, is tantamount to a “large scale attack against democracy.”

@Dutertenomics pointed out that 24 of the Facebook pages removed by Facebook have 1 million followers supportive of Duterte.

“This is an unprecedented move from a commercial entity actively attempting to affect political outcomes in a country,” he said.

@Dutertenomics accompanied his tweet with a photo showing the names of some of the accounts removed by Facebook. Among them have the names “Duterte Warriors,” “Bongbong News Updates,” “Duterte Worldwide Supporters” and “MOCHA USON SUPPORTERS.”

In another tweet with the same photo, @Dutertenomics accused the “Yellows” or entities allied with the administration, of being behind Facebook’s takedown of pro-Duterte accounts.

“The Yellows with their well funded and ‘well oiled infrastructure’ has just fired their first big salvo within cyberspace. Let us not be cowered by their tactics to disrupt our fight for truth and the future of our Philippines,” he said.

Facebook said it removed the accounts supposedly linked to Gabunada for showing “misleading behavior.”

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