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Is BUHAY Party-list Rep. Lito Atienza insinuating that senators tend to be more desperate for votes during elections?

On Sunday (April 30), Atienza expressed belief that the majority of senators would not dare risk losing the support of the Catholic Church or religious charismatic groups by backing the revival of death penalty.

“The peril of denials of support, especially from Church-based groups, is there. And our sense is, members of the Senate are far more sensitive to withholdings of support than members of the House of Representatives,” reckoned the pro-life politiko.

“Even a few hundred thousand votes lost could spell the difference between winning or losing in the Senate race, or spending a lot more just to get into the Magic 12,” noted Atienza.

In the case of highly popular senators, he said denials of support from such groups could cost them their dreams to top future elections.

It is for this reason that Atienza does not expect the Senate to put the death penalty to a vote in the near future.

“It could be that the pro-death penalty senators, mostly from the majority, are afraid that they’ll lose the vote, and embarrass not only themselves, but also President Duterte,” he said.

The House of Representatives (HOR) passed the death penalty restoration bill via 217-54-1 vote last month.