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‘Di ako aatras diyan! Duterte will wage war to keep Sulu Sea, send media as part of defense force

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President Rodrigo Duterte is ready to wage war not against China but against any intruder who wants to claim Sulu Sea.

“Ako I have plans also of my own. The Sulu Sea is ours. I will never budge also. P** — mag-away na,” said Duterte as he echoed China President Xi Jinping’s reply when he invoked the arbutral ruling upholding the Philippines’ claim to the Spratly Islands during their bilateral meeting on August 29.

“Ngayon, pagka panahon rin, magpa-patrol-patrol rin ako diyan. Well, hindi naman show of force but just to show that that’s mine. I mean I would rather announce… Ay no, wala akong compromise diyan,” he added.

Duterte made a point about willing to wage war over Sulu Sea invaders despite the country’s inferior security force which he used as a reason for not entering into a futile war against China with its mighty military force.

“Magka-giyera na tayo nang magka-giyera, it’s around several countries. But Sulu Sea is ours. Kaya nga pinangalan Sulu eh. Hindi ako aatras diyan. Diyan ‘yung away kasi diyan ako magbo-blockade balang araw.

We will not budge also. O ‘di magkaupakan na, ‘di wala tayong magawa,” said Duterte.

In a swipe at the media critical of his soft stance against China’s intrusion in Philippine waters, Duterte said he would invite them as part of the “expeditionary force” in Sulu Sea. “Isang barko kayo tapos sabihin ko na lang sa Navy natin, ‘Butasan mo na lang ‘yan’,” said Duterte.

‘Yan ang problema nitong mga y*** na ito sige tanong, “Go to China” ganon. Nandoon na nga ako ilang beses na eh. Baka sabihin pa ni Xi Jinping, ‘P**** I** sampalin kita. Ilang beses na kita sinagot? Sinabi ko na sa iyong amin ‘yan.’

Kasi kung ako tanungin mo, ganon ang sagutin kita. Magsabi ka iyo ang Sulu Sea, ay p**** i**. ‘Adre, umuwi ka na baka masampal kita. Amin ‘yan. Kaya ang pangalan niyan Sulu Sea. Nagkati tuloy itong ears ko. [laughter]

Ano pa? O sige. Walang magtindig ha. Bantay kayo diyan.

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