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President Rodrigo Duterte will not be pocketing nor using for himself the P17-billion increase in the Office of the President’s (OP) budget for 2017.

In an interview with GMA News’ Jessica Soho Thursday (Dec. 29), Duterte said the OP’s allocation for next year will be used to fund the administration’s war against drugs.

“Ang drug problem noon maliit lang, ito ngayon, how do you solve this one? How do you think I get a foundation? How do I fund the operation? May masabi mo budget ng pulis? Hindi magkasya ‘yon,” Duterte explained when asked why the OP’s budget rose by more than 600 percent from P2.87 billion for this year to P20.03 billion.

“How many criminals are there in one day? Or how many crimes are committed in one day and you say, ‘you are only good up to this amount.’ You do not calculate,” he said.

To assuage fears that he might abuse the multibillion-peso funds the OP has for next year, Duterte said anyone can invoke the executive order on freedom of information he signed to check documents on how the money was spent.