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Di ako Johnny-come-lately! Duterte says he was first to lock down because he read everything on COVID-19, including Facebook posts


President Rodrigo Duterte is glad he made the right choice declare a lockdown in the Philippines on March 14, one of the first and few countries to declare a mass quarantine to stop the spread of coronavirus.

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Duterte credited his foresight to his voracious appetite for knowledge about COVID-19 from various sources, including Facebook.

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“Mabuti na lang early on my term may ginawa ako para sa inyo. Ito nakikita ko na noon pa. Itong COVID na ito, sinusundan ko talaga ‘yan. Kasi sinasabi Johnny-come-lately… hindi ho,” said Duterte in a late night press conference.

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“Ako ang pinakauna sa lahat nag-lockdown kasi nasusundan ko na ang istorya. At sabi ko nagbabasa naman ako different sources of knowledge — Facebook, everything — lahat na ng what I can get my hands on to study the matter because Presidente ako. Dumating nga,” he added.


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