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‘Di ka ba g*go! Duterte to fire PAGCOR officials for granting 75-year franchises to foreigners

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Officials of the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) are next on President Rodrigo Duterte’s chopping block for allegedly engaging in corrupt activities.

In a speech in Negros Occidental Sunday (May 20), Duterte said among the officials he will fire soon are those tasked to issue gambling permits.

“I have fired and will fire tomorrow some more people. Meron pa. Meron pang isang head of an agency. Ngayong… When you are granted itong mga free port, free port mga… then you begin to abuse by issuing so many franchises of gambling because it is in the franchise,” he said.

While PAGCOR has the authority to issue gaming franchises, Duterte said its power should be regulated.

“It’s just the right for you to operate within your territory. But when you begin to issue gambling permits outside of your… Eh mahirap ‘yung ganun eh,” he said.

Without naming names, Duterte slammed gaming officials who supposedly gave franchises to foreigners that are good for 75 years.

“Sabi ko, when you begin to do that, when you insist on something which is wrong and you give lease contracts to foreigners for 75 years. P***** i** anong tingin mo sa? Hindi ka ba g***? Ilang president dadaan ‘yan kung 75 years? You must be crazy,” he said.

Duterte said an official tried to talk to him in Cebu over the weekend since he had several public engagements there, but his mind is set.

“I don’t want to work with you,” he said.